Affiliate Voices #19 James Seligman

September 16, 2011

TweetJames Seligman was a great sport by waking up early to talk with Cindy and Greg for this edition of Affiliate Voices. James is a full-time dad and part-time affiliate marketer that is apparently extremely successful at both jobs. We know him as a search/datafeed affiliate as he is building some new niche sites. But […]

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Affiliate Voices Podcast #18 Whit Larson

September 8, 2011

TweetOur first Affiliate Voices Podcast since Affiliate Summit East and Cindy and I jump right into the interview with Whit Larson. Whit is a contributor to and she’s about to launch a new affiliate site called Moms Cooking Crisis. This will be a competitive cooking series through Youtube videos. Whit is building up the […]

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Affiliate Voices Podcast #17 Mario Garcia

August 11, 2011

TweetGreg and Cindy interview one of Greg’s high school classmates that is interested in learning more about affiliate marketing. Mario Garcia may be a newbie in our industry but he is a very successful news designer and President of Garcia Interactive. Basically he helps newspapers, magazines, and web sites package and present news and information […]

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Affiliate Voices Podcast #16 – Myscha Theriault

August 2, 2011

TweetThis week Cindy and Greg talked with an emerging affiliate named Myscha Theriault. Myscha is in several programs managed by Greg Hoffman Consulting and apparently she never spoke to an affiliate manager until Cindy reached out to help with some guidance. Myscha and her husband have several sites and are in the process of working […]

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Affiliate Voices Podcast #15 – Shopwiki

July 27, 2011

TweetWe love working with Shopwiki so it was a pleasure talking with Heath Bertini on the Affiliate Voices podcast this week. Heath is the Merchant Relations Manager for Shopwiki and we met at ShareASale’s ThinkTank 11 in Chicago. Shopwiki is in all of our programs and we work closely to make sure their promotions are […]

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Affiliate Voices Podcast #14 – @Newspapergrl

July 13, 2011

TweetJanet Thaeler wears many hats and in this Affiliate Voices podcast, we discuss affiliate marketing, social media and online PR. Janet and Greg met at ASE06 in Orlando and have followed somewhat of a similar path from journalism to public relations to affiliate marketing. Janet now concentrates on social media management but still does her […]

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Affiliate Voices Podcast #13 – @DadofDivas

July 6, 2011

TweetThis is a great interview but it’s the worst audio I’ve ever recorded. We talked with Dr. Chris Lewis (@dadofdivas) about daddy blogging and affiliate marketing. I thought I would be clever and podcast from the great outdoors without my professional mic system. I was wrong. So I apologize for the clicking static. But please […]

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Affiliate Voices Podcast #12 – ShariFitness

June 23, 2011

TweetShariFitness is a friend of Greg’s in the metro Atlanta area that has seen huge success in the affiliate industry by marketing fitness products through her email lists and social media. Shari has also been instrumental in building the core of the Atlanta Affiliate Summit Meetup. This was a fun interview. Listen to her side […]

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Affiliate Voices #11 – VigLink

June 8, 2011

Tweet Greg and Cindy interview Oliver Roup from in this post ShareASale ThinkTank11 Affiliate Voices Podcast. VigLink is an affiliate in our programs at Greg Hoffman Consulting and we had some serious questions to ask Oliver. He was a great guest and we encourage everyone to listen: affiliates, merchants and managers. VigLink works with […]

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Affiliate Voices #10 – SuperCool

May 17, 2011

TweetGreg and Cindy talked with another favorite member from the ABestWeb community – you know him, you love him, he’s SuperCool. If you know anything about SuperCool, he loves to write in the third person when he’s online. But we brought him out of his shell and had a great conversation about his involvement in […]

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