Affiliate Voices Podcast #25 with Shawn Collins

by admin on 02/06/2012

This week, I interviewed Shawn Collins, Co-Founder of Since we have interviewed affiliates from all levels of experience, I figured it was time to interview one that has been at all levels of the industry. Shawn and Missy Ward started Affiliate Summit out of frustration with the lack of education in the industry. Shawn takes us back to the Dark Ages of affiliate marketing and gives a good history lesson.

We discussed a possible “un-conference” type of affiliate cruise with loosely organized networking. What do you think about that type of cruise sometime next year?

Other topics discussed:
Affiliate Summit Central in Austin
ShareASale Think Tank
The history of outsourced affiliate program management
Shawn’s big move to Austin last year
Affiliate Summit Meetups
Pinterest and why all merchants should have a profile
The future of affiliate marketing

If you want to be on the Affiliate Voices Podcast and share your vast (or limited) experience with affiliate marketing, let us know.

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