Affiliate Voices #21 Scott Jangro

by admin on 10/06/2011

In a continuation of Scott Jangro podcast week, Cindy and Greg talked with Scott today for Affiliate Voices. Actually, we had no idea it would be Jangro week when we first discussed the idea at CJU2011. We learned about Scott’s background from the BeFree days all the way up to his latest project, Shareist. Scott is a top performer in the industry and it was a pleasure talking shop with him.

We focused on Shareist and learned a new buzzword phrase, digital content curation. I like this concept because we have many bloggers that need to diversify and are constantly asking us how to expand their monetizing efforts. Cindy, Kelly and I will be talking about the Shareist platform for a long time to come.

As an example, we discussed Missy Ward’s site, Missy says the platform is very easy to use and she’s happy with the way the products are displayed for visitors.

Listen to this one because we think Shareist will be a game changer in the future.

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