Affiliate Voices Podcast #14 – @Newspapergrl

by admin on 07/13/2011

Janet Thaeler wears many hats and in this Affiliate Voices podcast, we discuss affiliate marketing, social media and online PR. Janet and Greg met at ASE06 in Orlando and have followed somewhat of a similar path from journalism to public relations to affiliate marketing. Janet now concentrates on social media management but still does her share of online press releases, in which she is a noted expert and published author.

We talked about her efforts to help new affiliates learn how to monetize their content and the best ways she has learned to earn commission.

We also discussed a new venture by Janet as she recently launched an in-house affiliate program to sell her Online PR kit, called Publicity Spark. Janet pays affiliates 50% commission on products and 20% commission on services. Join the Publicity Spark program and start selling do it yourself online PR.

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