Affiliate Voices #9 – Casey Van Bronkhorst (CaseyFern)

by admin on 05/12/2011

We’ve been working on this interview for a while. This affiliate was on our original list of affiliates to bug about being on Affiliate Voices and Cindy was finally able to get her on with us. We talked with Casey Van Bronkhorst, also known as CaseyFern on AbestWeb and other places on the internet. Casey is probably the biggest fan of Popshops, we’ve ever worked with. If we can’t figure out a datafeed issue and Popshops customer support is slammed, we go straight to Casey. She is an awesome resource and a very good affiliate. She talks about how the affiliate commission well was dry for a few years until she discovered Popshops. So if you are interested in learning more about how affiliates incorporate datafeeds through Popshops, this is a great interview.

Here are a few of the sites Casey operates and gave us the ok to promote. Uptown Lass and Perfectly Shaped World.

We also talked about an idea on behalf of Casey that we are presenting to Brian Littleton at the ShareAsale ThinkTank11 “Things We Need to Fix” session in 2 weeks. Let us know what you think about the idea. If you are interested in registering and attending the conference, please sign up while there are still spaces left.

Please help us out and vote for Greg’s session at Affiliate Summit – Industry Clash: Balancing CPS & CPA Marketing

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