Affiliate Voices #8 – Sugarrae

by admin on 05/05/2011

Our latest guest on Affiliate Voices is another rock star in the industry. Cindy and Greg had the privilege of talking with Sugarrae – Rae Hoffman-Dolan, an SEO consultant and super affiliate. Greg has been a fan of hers on Twitter for a while now and she is entertaining on an hourly basis, however, it’s usually not safe for work… Greg and Rae discuss a couple similarities, same last name (not related), lived in the same city for 10 years, they both have branded tattoos but oddly enough their paths have never crossed. We will fix that at Affiliate Summit East.

Rae talks about her fast rise as a full-time affiliate 10 years ago, what she’s doing now and some things she’s working on in the future. :)

Here are a few other links she mentioned in the podcast.
My Entry to Internet Marketing
SEO Training Course at ASE11

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