Affiliate Voices #4 – Judi Moore

by admin on 04/01/2011

Our guest today was Judi Moore, a classy affiliate with a rich history in the industry. Judi is an active member of the ABestWeb community and tried her best to fight the Ad Tax in Arkansas. She has some very strong opinions about how things went down in Arkansas recently so please listen to the podcast to learn more about how you can and should get active in your state.

I borrowed this paragraph from Judi’s Facebook profile:

I’ve taken a lifetime of curiosity and energetic “let’s try that!” and combined it with 20 years of heavy-duty mortgage experience, some radio, some advertising, lots of community, and business development and turned it into a web publishing profile that includes everything from home mortgage advice to middle age angst to Russian folk art with some Spider man pajamas thrown into the mix.

Visit one of Judi’s affiliate sites to learn a little bit more about her marketing efforts, Lunch Break Shopping… She has several more, but we promise to keep them private!

We mentioned a few things at the end regarding our Affiliate Radar for Greg Hoffman Consulting. Here are the links:
Grill Charms on ABC’s Shark Tank
Direct Gardening Affiliate Contest
Affiliate Insider Club

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