Female Voice Over Talent – Alicia Kaye

by admin on 03/11/2011

Alicia Kaye
Have you listened to the beginning and end of the Affiliate Voices podcast? Did you hear that professional voice over? It’s not Greg and it’s not Cindy. We brought in a ringer to help us sound professional. We hired my friend, Alicia Kaye, a very talented voice over artist.

My first job in radio during college was at the legendary WRBQ Q105 and I was assigned the mid-day shift to answer phones for Alicia. I wrote about it on my affiliate marketing blog. Those were the days to learn the magic behind the radio dial and see how it was done by the rock stars. Alicia has a deep and warm voice with a flirty/sexy tone that makes chocolate melt if its too close to the speakers.

Her website describes her talents:

I am the friendly girl next door, the middle aged mom, the teenager, the hip-hop sista, and more. However, I am the female voice over talent on a number of humorous reads on everything from a small child’s voice, to country bumpkin, urban, to European, accents are my specialty. British, Yiddish, General European, USA Country, New York, Mid-west, Bahamian (island), and more–try me!


  • Baby
  • Child
  • Teenage Girl
  • Teenage Boy
  • Young Adult Female
  • Middle Age Female
  • Senior Female

Visit Alicia’s female voiceover site and tell her I sent you.

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